Adrian D. Finlay

Adrian is a passionate Software Engineer, Technical Blogger, Tutor, Entrepreneur, & and lifelong lover of learning. Adrian is an Oracle Certified Associate in Java SE 8 Programming (87%).

As a homage paid to his beloved Carribean roots, Adrian may be found writing under the pen name,"The West Indian Programmer". Adrian has a diverse set of interests. Among these include programming languages, software engineering, fishing, spanish, basketball, writing, barbering, music & the arts, and the breeding agronomy of mangoes and other tropical fruits. A childhood companion of Adrian's, the Julie mango, holds a special place in his kernel. Though proficient in various languages, Adrian has a particular affection for the Java programming language.

Adrian welcomes various networking opportunities. A peek into his digital dossier, including social and professional handles can be found here. If connecting on LinkedIn, please leave a note mentioning where we have ran into each other, so as to avoid erroneously being filtered out.

Adrian's portfolio of selected technical & academic work can be found, here. For serious and/or professional inquiries, Adrian can be reached at